Suspensory Ligament of the Mammary Gland: A Case Report. - Suspensory ligament of breast

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Cooper's ligaments are connective tissue in the breast that help maintain structural integrity. They are named for Astley Cooper, who first described them in Their anatomy can be revealed using Transmission diffraction tomography. Cooper's Suspensory Ligament should not be confused with the pectineal. Information on the suspensory ligament of the breast by the AnatomyZone daily feed. Subscribe to learn interesting facts about the human body every day.

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Anatomical hierarchy. General Anatomy > The integument > Breast > Suspensory ligaments of breast; Suspensory retinaculum of breast. Translations.
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They're also known as the suspensory ligaments of Cooper and the found under the skin of the breast, through and around the breast tissue.
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Suspensory ligament of breast - Ontology Browser - Rat Genome Database.
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The Cooper's ligaments, also called the suspensory ligaments of Cooper, are located in the breast. They provide support to the breasts and.
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Suspensory Ligament of the Mammary Gland: A Case Report. connecting the breast to the chest wall, and a superficial component, attached.

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