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Chángquán refers to a family of external (as opposed to internal) martial arts (​kung fu) styles His style was called Tàizǔ Chángquán, which means "the Long Fist style of Emperor Taizu." In semi-legendary "classic" writings transmitted by. The Academy offers Emperor's Long Fist. The art was founded by the first emperor of the Sung dynasty, Chao Kuang Yin. "Tai Tzu Chang Chuan" or Emperor's.

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By Zujora - 09:47
Emperor's Long Fist. Grandmaster and inheritor Chao Yuh Feng is the 35th generation descendant and the keeper of the books on tai tzu chang chuan (ELF)​.
By Moogunos - 20:25
Yao Ji did not say anything, he only looked at the fist that was tightly clenched The atmosphere in the manor has not been joyous for a long time, so it's about.
By Tojagul - 01:45
Likes to appear with his right arm elevated over his head with a clenched fist. stance, perhaps not unlike how the Roman emperors liked to be perceived.
By Kakinos - 07:55
Sounded joyous. 'I am truly sorry,' Ramagupta continued, with a false expression of contrition that made Chandra's hands bunch up into fists. He had a sudden.
By Brajora - 07:21
Hearing Lan Zhu's piercing screams, she clenched her fists, and looked at He Zhaoyi Following Lan Zhu's miserable cry, an incomparably joyous expression To her, even if the one who was hit was Lan Zhu, as long as Feng Ningyan's.

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