Pea sized lump on inner labia | Cancer Chat - Lump on vulva

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If you've ever wondered whether the lumps, bumps, and skin color of your vagina are normal, you're not alone. Vaginal bumps and lumps are common. I have found a hard smaller than pea size lump on my vulva/ upper inner labia (​above the clitorus) it is immovable but it not visible unless the.

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By Voodoozilkree - 17:07 › Conditions & Treatments.
By Arazuru - 08:05
Like other parts of the body, lumps, cysts, rashes and pimples can be present on the vulva. The care tips below may assist in managing these conditions.
By Gulabar - 07:21
If you've ever discovered a lump on your vagina and thought, panicked, have a read through this to see what it might be.
By Najas - 20:12
The human body isn't perfectly smooth. It's prone to developing various lumps and bumps. Cysts are just one type of growth many people get.
By Zulujinn - 03:49
A lump or bump on the vagina may have a variety of causes. Causes can include cysts, warts, polyps, and, rarely, vaginal cancer. Treatment.

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