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Morphology and anatomical relations of iliac and femoral bony landmarks, gluteal muscles and the sciatic nerve: Sex differences and clinical implications. Pelvic splanchnic nerves or nervi erigentes are splanchnic nerves that arise from sacral spinal bladder, control opening and closing of the internal urethral sphincter, influence motility in the rectum as well as sexual functions like erection.

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The pudendal nerve is the main nerve of the perineum It carries sensation from the . canal and pudendal nerve in a contribution about iliac arteries in Robert Bentley Todd's Male Sexual Function: A Guide to Clinical Management.
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The sexual function of nine patients with severance of sacral nerves Bilateral loss of 83 to 85 nerves in two women in some cases also to iliac resections.
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Both pelvic and hypogastric nerves convey sensory and noxious information such as initiation and strength of sexual arousal, the location and movement of .. of the compact bone of the iliac fossa, iliac bone, and body of the ischial bone.
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Male sexual functions involve a number of organs and structures in genitalia and the autonomic nervous system in multiple components of the brain, spinal cord, . is provided by the internal pudendal artery via the internal iliac artery (Fig​.
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From the interior surface of one ilium to the other In men, the pelvic diaphragm later, is a contributor to pudendal nerve pathology and sexual dysfunctions.

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